Dividivi3 play arrangements of Piazzolla at the Grachtenfestival

The surprising Dividivi3 (flute, oboe, clarinet) plays an exciting music theatre for children at the Grachtenfestival in The Netherlands, that includes the transcriptions of Piazzollas Histoire du Tango. Concerts: August, 13/20/21, at 12.00 and 14.00, at the Marineterrein in Amsterdam.

Couleurs Complémentaires at Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

JENUFA QUARTET will give the first performance at march 6 at 19.45 and 20.30 at the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. A brand new composition based on paintings by Vincent van Gogh.


New Composition!
An energetic en colorful new piece for oboe, clarinet, violin, viola and double bass
Written for the Amerfortissimo Festival (April 2-6, all wonderful concerts)
Premiere: April 6. 16.30 St. Aegtenkapel Amersfoort (The Netherlands),
a concert with the best musicians I could wish for!

Sinterklaas Variations

November and Rain - Sinterklaas (dutch folklore) has arrived! Max composed for this occasion Variations for String Quartet, and an arrangement of the Menuet of Mozart's Haffner Serenade (which features the famous 'Steamship' melody) also for String Quartet. An ideal encore for this time of the year! For the free Score and Parts, contact the composer.

Kanaljerood, a full concert program

Kanaljerood, a socially involved choir from Twente, The Netherlands, will present 4 times a complete show on the subject of Globalisation in the Region. The diverse music is from Max Knigge, born in the region, the words are from the members of the choir. Concerts on 10, 11, 24 en 25.

Out we jumped… new blues for Marcel Worms

Written in august, a new composition for the Contemporary Dutch Blues Catalogue of Marcel Worms is a fact. Manic piano lines, inspired by Jack Kerouac. Performed during the Dutch Chamber Music Festival (Festival Nederlandse Kamermuziek). Premiere: friday 16 september, 22.00. Bethaniënklooster, Amsterdam.

If the river was whiskey at the Dutch Chamber Music Festival

Advocate for Dutch music, Doris Hochscheid plays together with two talented students of the Conservatory of Amsterdam in this energetic, masculine trio for low strings. Festival Nederlandse Kamermuziek, zondag 18 september, 14.00. Bethaniënklooster, Amsterdam.

Commission for Fokker Centennial Haarlem

One hundred years ago, Dutch flying pioneer Anthony Fokker took off for a circle over the city centre of Haarlem in his self-built Spin. Max Knigge wrote for this occasion a new composition, based on this merry event. Tuesday, August 30 it will be performed in the Philharmonie Haarlem by Mezzo Soprano Hetty Jansen en the Wings Ensemble. See also Fokker Spin Centennial

Achille, Ajax & Moi in Japan

Sundag, May 29, the composition Achille, Ajax & Moi will be performed during the festival Viola Space in Tokyo. Nobuko Imai will be the soloist in this Japanese première, accompanied by the participants of teh festival. The concert will start at 17.00, Kioi Hall in Tokyo.

Amstel Quartet plays Sonnet in Felix Meritis

On saturday May 29, The Amstel Quartet will perform Sonnet in Felix Meritis Amsterdam. After the premiere concert the four saxophonists of remarkable skill decided to program the composition of Max Knigge at their Amsterdam concert. Amsterdam, Felix Meritis, 20.15.
For more information on the Amstel Quartet, check their website: www.amstelquartet.nl

The Haunted Ship: almost too scary!

The performance of the Haunted Ship (Het Spookschip) by members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra was in the new version of Max Knigge and Carel Alphenaar blood-curtling. The young listeners commented on the performance as ‘quite scary’.