Romeo & Juliet (2012)

9 selected pieces for viola and piano
for viola and piano

Beautiful melodies, amazing harmony. Nine selected numbers of Prokofiev’s masterpiece arranged for viola and piano.

An arrangement for these instruments was already made by Vadim Borisovsky in 1961. However, while Borisovsky’s arrangement is highly enjoyable and challenging to play, it also takes quite some liberties with respect to harmony, melody and form.

When I studied the transcriptions of Borisovsky, ideas for a new, faithful arrangement of Prokofiev’s music took shape in my mind. It would not be meant to replace or surpass Borisovsky’s achievement, - it was just going to be a different arrangement. My main objective was to stay as close as possible to the original score.

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viola and piano

first performance:
May 23, 2014
Michael Gieler
Lauretta Bloomer
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