Matin, temps électrique (2010)

for choir and peculiar orchestra – instrumentation of Stravinsky’s Canticum Sacrum
for choir and orchestra

Sound sample: 

With the exception of the organ, Max Knigge used the same instrumentation as Stravinsky in Canticum Sacrum. The goal of the composer and violist was to give the choir-part an abstract quality, an effect comparable with the objective use of the Latin text in Stravinsky’s work. The ecstatic score of Daphnis et Chloé, in which Ravel treats the choir as an instrument, was resonating through his head, yet Knigge did not want his choir to wander and get lost in vocalises. He searched for a text that would not distract the listener from the sound. He found one in a book in which Frits van Oostrom recorded the history of Dutch Literature until 1300 (Stemmen op schrift). And working with the words, it became clear that he couldn’t ignore their special content, that guided him into a lyrical result.


1303/0440 harp str(00603) choir

first performance:
October 2, 2010
PA''dam choir and students of Amsterdam Conservatory conducted by Bas Pollard
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