If the river was whiskey (2007)

for viola, violoncello, double bass

Sound sample: 

We had a trio that existed for a moment, but we didn’t have any concerts. There was repertoire, mainly written in the 1980’s, but those weren’t exactly pearls, except though for the composition of my teacher Daan Manneke. Now here was an opportunity for me! I was inspired by Mannekes composition, and wrote a trio for our instrumentation, and also for our personalities. It became an autobiographical work, with references and characters. My sister thought the result to be a real ‘masculin’ piece; goal achieved.
In fact, the piece is one long series, for every instrument the same but in different speed. Then I sculpted and varied the material, with small variations as a result took. This is the composition in which the influence of my teacher Daan Manneke is most apparent, and at the time, I considered it to be my most consistent work.


vla vc cb

first performance:
May 25, 2007
Trio Inferno
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