Nazomer (2007)

for orchestra

Sound sample: 

More experienced as an orchestral musician than as a composer for orchestra, I gratefully took my inspiration from the great composers that lived before. Playing and listening I try to analyse their structures. This is a humble hommage to them.
Misha Mengelberg spoke about the “zeekip” (sea duck?), that has a nice reflection at calm waters, but in stormy seas his reflection is harder to recognise. This idea appeals to me. I like to write melodies with a reflection, a shadow. It is the most important idea of this piece and I worked it out in different manners, like a theme and variations.
The days of September, the last days of summer, can be, with little luck, the most beautiful days of the year. With their special light, beautiful skies and amazing contrasts in colours of the clouds they ask for daydreaming: a certain melancholy takes over. I have tried to catch this mood of Indian summer in this piece.
De 4/4-bar dominates the piece without interuption, but of course there’s more. The audience can decide not to look at the conductor, just as one can decide to spend an afternoon without a watch.


3333/4441 4perc harp str

2nd prize NOG Young Composers Competition 2007

first performance:
September 8, 2007
Holland Symfonia - Otto Tausk
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