Nubes (2009)

for ensemble

Sound sample: 

My composition is about clouds. The overall structure is an ABA-form, in an abstract way representing: 1. drifting clouds, 2. rain and 3. rainbows.
I thought the instrumentarium of the ensemble, with the plucked instruments contrasting with the wind instruments in particular suitable for this image. For the string section, I have been experimenting with so called ‘extended techniques’: techniques that go beyond the conventional bowing. The purpose was to create whispering and soft murmering sounds. The percussion joins them by playing it’s instruments with hand and fingers only. Since the title of the program was ‘exploring form’, I tried to integrate inside the overall form several sub-forms borrowed from South Indian music.
As a composer, I do like it when I know the people that are going to perform the particular piece. A personality attached to the instrument gives quite a lot more inspiration. This is a last merry incidental matter in the intensive cooperation with the ensemble.


fl ob cl gtr mdn hp pf, perc vln vla vc cb

first performance:
April 24, 2009
Nieuw Ensemble conducted by Lucas Vis
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