Oranges visible from the air (2011)

Fragments from Anthony Fokker's autobiography
for mezzo-soprano and octet

written for the FOKKER Spin Centennial 2011

Fragments from Anthony Fokker’s autobiography, sung by a soprano like a kind of angel, commenting on his life. Different ‘snapshots’ from his life: youth on Java, the flight over Haarlem, a romance in Germany, told in full colour by the different instruments of the ensemble.

This composition is written for the Fokker Spin Centennial 2011 in Haarlem, a festival for the 100th anniversary of the flight with his self-made aeroplane ‘Spin’ over Haarlem. The premiere was sung by Hetty Jansen, accompanied by the Wings-ensemble conducted by Jurjen Hempel.


mezzo-soprano and octet (as Schuberts' D.803)

commissioned by: 
Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten

first performance:
August 30, 2011
Wings Ensemble cond. Jurjen Hempel
website and photography (c) 2011 by maarten storm